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About Wicklow Chamber

Our Mission

“To create a strong economy in the area and provide unique opportunities for members to grow their businesses”

History of the Chamber

Wicklow Chamber of Commerce was formed on May 12th, 1948 by the Wicklow Development Association, chaired by State Solicitor A.B. Cullen. On May 28th, the first meeting was held. Its stated aims were to act and agitate in Wicklow's economic and social interests.

The first a.g.m. of Wicklow Chamber of Commerce in July 1948 elected Yorkshire man and managing director of the Dublin & Wicklow Manure Company Albert Pearson as president.

From the first, the Chamber sought to lobby for better local infrastructure so that business would soon follow.

If you would like to know more about the History of Wicklow & District Chamber of Commerce please contact the Chamber Office.