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About Wicklow Town

Wicklow Town

Wicklow Town is the administrative centre of County Wicklow, situated on the east coast of the County at the mouth of the Vartry river. Wicklow is located 30 miles (50kms) south of Dublin, in the southern Hinterland of the Greater Dublin Area and one mile off the National Primary Route N11, on the east coast railway line.


The Local Economy

Wicklow is a County Town and hosts the headquarters of Wicklow County Council in addition to the offices of Wicklow Urban District Council. Industrial activity (light, medium and heavy) is accommodated in an industrial zone discretely located to the north of the town and adjacent to the Harbour, which accommodates a mix of port-related and tourism-related activity. There is a thriving mix of comparison and convenience retail and wholesale shopping as the town is a retail centre for its rural hinterland. This solid manufacturing and retail base is complemented by a thriving professional services sector (legal, accountancy, insurance, banking etc), tourism/recreation sector (hotels, restaurants, bars, tourism attractions, guesthouses, clubs etc) and general services sector.


Amenities / Quality of Life

Wicklow Town, although less than one hour from the amenities of Dublin City centre, is surrounded by some of the most impressive natural landscapes in the Country. This is evidenced by the high level of natural attractions within the town and also a short drive away- including Mount Usher Gardens, The National Garden Exhibition Centre, Powerscourt Estate, Avondale House and Forest Park, and the Parnell National Memorial Park in Rathdrum. The mountains, lakes and coastal areas all offer a vast range of leisure options for residents including swimming, diving, climbing, walking, riding, fishing, golfing. The town has a new swimming pool, two football clubs, a GAA Club, a Rugby Club, a Sailing Club and a wide range of high quality restaurants, a nationally significant nature-reserve walk, and in the summer the Harbour is the perfect spot for families to swim and sunbath.