Job Opportunities

Eichenzell-Fuld, Germany wants YOU!!!!

The region of East Hesse is located right in the centre of Germany, approximately 100 kilometres north-east from Frankfurt.

Our region has the smallest amount of unemployment rate in the county Hesse, with just over 3 %.  This may sound positive but such a figure also has a negative impact of the labour market as such. In many professions vacant positions cannot be filled any longer. With the current rather high unemployment rate in Ireland we feel that the idea of offering working opportunities to Irish people may lead into a win-win-situation for both countries.

Vacant positions

There is a strong need especially in

-           hotel and catering business as well as

-           logistics

We are looking for lorry drivers, waiters (m/f), chambermaids and housemen as well and Front Office personnel.

Successful candidates have at least 2 years working experience within the aforementioned positions. Knowledge of the German language is an asset but not a must.

Apprenticeship in Germany (within hotel and catering, logistics, craftsmen/women, 

You may also be aware of our dual-system apprenticeship, which has proven to be one of the most successful scheme in Europe when it comes to training young people in a profession. After school young people gain industrial experience in a company four days a week and have for one day the theoretical training in a school.

 The training scheme for most of the apprenticeships are three years, finishing with a practical and theoretical exam and a diploma. In order to qualify for most of the apprenticeships a good knowledge (at least 3 years school knowledge) of the German language is essential as well as O-levels.

Assistance in finding accommodation will be offered; some employers do also have staff houses.

Should you need more information, please contact Mrs. Andrea Harms via email on