Wicklow Enterprising Town


Bank of Ireland’s National Enterprising Town Awards aims to assist in the promotion of enterprise across the country by bringing business and community groups together to showcase to a panel of judges, the spirit of enterprise in their local area. With over 30 monetary awards in total plus trophies (total prize fund €110,000) with the overall winning town or city village/area awarded €23,000 plus trophy and the significant title of Ireland’s Most Enterprising Town. Wicklow has been chosen to represent County Wicklow in the 10,001+ population category.

Wicklow Town Team has been working closely with Wicklow Municipal District on the application phase of the competition.  The team’s strength lies in the involvement of representatives from Wicklow Chamber of Commerce and local community representatives.

The next stage in the competition is a visit by the judges to Wicklow.  This allows the team to make a presentation demonstrating Wicklow as an enterprising town and enables us to highlight activities in business, tourism, heritage, community, and arts and to look at ways in which these areas are intrinsically linked.  Leadership within the town and partnership between groups in Wicklow and Wicklow Municipal District will also be addressed.  The team wish to present Wicklow as a positive and productive place to do business and a fantastic community in which to reside, work and spend your free time. 

Wednesday 26th September is judging day


We want the whole of Wicklow to get behind this initiative and really show what a thriving community we have and what a great place it is to do business.  The team would be grateful if you could assist in this endeavour in any way.  Some suggestions include:

  • Maintain hanging baskets and window boxes
  • Keep your premises looking clean, welcoming and well presented for September 26th
  • Assist with hanging bunting or flags to make the town look more attractive to the judges
  • Focus on the positive aspects of doing business in Wicklow

Get involved – if you wish to become more involved in the competition please contactRobin Bradley on (087)1740048as soon as possible. 

A copy of the original submission to the competition can be found overleaf.  The submission was restricted to 300 words, which gets utilised very quickly when you look at everything that Wicklow has to offer. 





Wicklow is a beautiful traditional Irish seaside town situated just 40 miles from the coast of Wales.  Wicklow has an interesting history and there are many activities to do in this lovely town including Golf, Sailing, Kayaking, Walks and much more.

The Local Economic Initiative Group, known as Wicklow Town Team, was initiated by Wicklow Town & District Chamber in partnership with Wicklow County Council and the business community. Their mission is to maximise the business, tourism and social potential of the area.  The working group all share a strong common belief that Wicklow has not been developed to its full potential.  The group have considerable international and national business experience in export, trade and commercial development, financial and management services, tourism and Local Government.

The group produced a report, “Time to Kick Start Wicklow”, outlining six principal areas for development. 

Town Team Projects Underway:

The establishment of a digital hub to attract small start up type businesses to locate in Wicklow.

The development of a Greenway/Blueway from Greystones to Wicklow Town will contribute to the economic and social well-being of County Wicklow.

The development of a park and ride facility close to the M11 will reduce rush hour traffic and commuter numbers.

The Wicklow Town Public Realm Plan works at improving the environmental quality of the Town for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors. Backlighting of historic sites in the town and Age Friendly activities are planned.

Wicklow is working to achieve historic town status and has engaged in initiatives such as archaeological explorations of the Black Castle and the Abbey Grounds and the development of historic trails.

A retail survey is underway and will identify customer needs and opportunities for business.


Wicklow is a wonderful place to live, work, shop and do business in.